Waterproof backpack for your laptop

Waterproof backpack for your laptopBackpack for a laptop performs an important function, it carries our laptop!
Sounds pretty funny but still, it is. Modern people invest a lot in that thing.

We travel, we go on foot, we cycling. It is very important for us not to soak up our laptop.

The fabric for a waterproof backpack for a laptop should not only be strong and easy to clean but also not to get wet. We must be calm for our laptop in all weathers.
What materials are used for best waterproof laptop backpacks?


Nylon is a synthetic polymer material. It was developed by the chemical company DuPont in the early twentieth century. To produce this fibre, the polymers are melted, stretched and frozen. It retains the strength and elasticity.

We remind you the properties of nylon:

High wear resistance
Amazing ease
This material keeps the form (which is important!)
This fabric holds the colour well, so it is possible to use
different colors
Also, a low price.


The universal synthetic fabric of polyester origin.
The material is very durable and easy to clean. In addition, the fabric is not crumpled, does not accumulate static electricity, and resistant to moisture. Polyester is not hygroscopic so, absorbs dirt badly.

The waterproof backpack for a laptop is not just about fabric, it is about how it’s designed, also. It is very important that the zippers on this backpack should be closed with a special strap. Otherwise, the fabric will not get wet under a strong rain, but zipper will miss the water!

Pockets should also be completely closed with a strap of fabric above.
These are quite small nuances but they can become significant
if you fall under a rain.

Unfortunately, we do not know backpacks with which we can swim under water but no doubts that with the development of technology, this will soon come into our lives.