How to curl your hair with the hair straightener?

Curling your hair with the straightener could make full, vivacious curls that won’t seem like the ringlets. A little practice is needed to get those bouncy curls, but just the once you catch the skill down, you’ll look marvelous and nearly red-carpet ready. You don’t require a curling rod to get the perfect curls. Hair straightener can also do this job. Below we have listed the tips for curling along with steps that will make your curling experience easy.

Tips for Curling Hair:

  • Drape as if you were using a curling rod.
  • Using less heat is best for blonde hair and increase the temperature as the hair color darkens.
  • You can tell in case you’re putting enough warmth in with the hair straightener by feeling the hair. It should feel warm, which tells you that the warmth is achieving the greater part of the hair.
  • You can’t put excessively hair in without a moment’s delay, or it’ll be too excessively extreme.
  • Try not to do the tips of your hair until the point when the end, as they require minimal measure of warmth to hold the curl.

Ensure to use a fantastic fixing iron that is determined to a temperature best for the hair, and dependably ensure the strands with heat protectant before styling. Use hair straightener not more than twice every week, and less frequently if hair is harmed or dry. Use suitable flat iron, for example, best flat iron for black hair here.

Curling with Hair Straightener:

Make sure to dependably use the heat spray before styling the hair using hot instruments to counteract harm to the hair. You could similarly utilize the hairspray towards the end, in case you are into that type of thing and need the curls to last for much longer time.

  • Area off the hair into two parts at that point take the part you are taking a shot at and partition it into bottom and top.
  • Take 1 inch bit of hair. Take the hair straightener and slip hair into straightener tongs.
  • Shut down and begin the straightener to slide away from your face.
  • After you have flipped hair iron put more extended end of the over your hair straightener and clutch it as you run hair straightener over your hair as you would typically.
  • Directly after the curl the hair with the finger while it is as yet hot. Try not to run the brush or your fingers through the twists until the point that they’ve cooled. That will enable them to remain longer. Giving them a chance to cool in that hair curl will surely help at that point last longer at times.
  • Once you have completed one part move to the following section it into bottom and top sides and repeat the above mentioned steps.

You can leave the hair as-is when you are finished curling the hair, or you could add an extra touch to wrap up the hair style you want. Put hairspray all over the curls to keep them tight and sleek during the day. If you reside in a humid region, consider to use an anti-humidity spray too.