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Fashion for curls

It can not be said that the fashion for curls has had ever left us. Curly girls look younger – this is an indisputable fact. We know a lot of examples when the actresses looked older or vice versa younger with curls or without. It all depends on your style.

Curls, especially on light or red hair look nice. With the choice of their length and colour, you will choose how you will look for other people. Curls can change not only the appearance but also the character. So, for example, large and soft waves are a sign of romanticism and tenderness, small curls characterize an impudent and strong-willed person.

It’s up to you what to choose. You just need to be sure that style which you are getting, suits you.

Ladies were jealous for natural curls in all times. They used different tools to get beautiful curls.

The rag stripes.
This method was very popular among the ladies of past generations. And looking at the heroines of old Hollywood movies, you can find footage with swathed cotton trimmings on their hair.

History of curls began in antiquity. In ancient Greece, metal rods were used for it. The process of waving assumed the heating of the metal rods on the fire. A wet wave appeared in ancient Rome, where the hairstyles became much more complicated. The secret of wet curling was a special glutinous composition made of cane, which was applied to the hair and then the moistened hair was turned on the rods.

If the curls were popular many centuries but the permanent did not immediately resonate with the women’s hearts. It was a fear to hurt not only hair but the health in general. This attitude to the permanent continued until 1919, in which an instrument was invented that heated the hair with steam, which entered the curlers through flexible tubes, which became the most gentle curling at the time. To date, we know 10 methods of the permanent waves, which include such species as acid, amino acid, alkaline and so on.
Fortunately, nowadays perm has already lost popularity. This is one of the most harmful procedures for the hair, it is not even done in good salons.

City bikes. What questions you should answer?

City bikes

If you decide to buy a city bike, you need to answer a few questions.

Define your budget.

This is the first thing that interests the seller. He is sure will ask you this question. You should roughly understand, how much you are willing to spend on your first city bike.

(Tip: Look what a price for best hybrid bikes)

It’s better to get ready to spend a little more on a bicycle than you expected. Also, do not forget about the additional budget for accessories.

The second question that is important to you, how often and much you will cycle.

Determine the weight of the bike that suits you.
Where will you keep it?
Do you have to raise it on the 5th floor every day?

What accessories you will need.


Without a helmet to cycle around the city is very dangerous!


This is also a must-have accessory for you. It does not matter what time of day you are riding a bike.


Gloves improve grip on the steering wheel and increase the safety of bicycle driving. You will protect your hands from a —Āalluses and protect your skin if you fall down.


With inflated wheels, the bike operates better.

Various mounting tools.

You always need to fix something on the road.

Oil or grease for the chain.

First Aid Kit.

Needless to say, falls occur quite often and disinfectants should be at hand.

You need to have a bicycle bag, if in your plans not only a trip to the nearest store.

Get a pair of good tires.
Often bicycles are sold with very poor and they require a replacement.

And comfortable shoes, of course!

Generally, it’s a very good idea to start cycling. Maybe, you will like it so much that you’ll even engage in sports cycling in the future!
It really helps you and also the city where you live. The more people will start using city bicycles, the cleaner and safer our cities will become.

Waterproof backpack for your laptop

Waterproof backpack for your laptopBackpack for a laptop performs an important function, it carries our laptop!
Sounds pretty funny but still, it is. Modern people invest a lot in that thing.

We travel, we go on foot, we cycling. It is very important for us not to soak up our laptop.

The fabric for a waterproof backpack for a laptop should not only be strong and easy to clean but also not to get wet. We must be calm for our laptop in all weathers.
What materials are used for best waterproof laptop backpacks?


Nylon is a synthetic polymer material. It was developed by the chemical company DuPont in the early twentieth century. To produce this fibre, the polymers are melted, stretched and frozen. It retains the strength and elasticity.

We remind you the properties of nylon:

High wear resistance
Amazing ease
This material keeps the form (which is important!)
This fabric holds the colour well, so it is possible to use
different colors
Also, a low price.


The universal synthetic fabric of polyester origin.
The material is very durable and easy to clean. In addition, the fabric is not crumpled, does not accumulate static electricity, and resistant to moisture. Polyester is not hygroscopic so, absorbs dirt badly.

The waterproof backpack for a laptop is not just about fabric, it is about how it’s designed, also. It is very important that the zippers on this backpack should be closed with a special strap. Otherwise, the fabric will not get wet under a strong rain, but zipper will miss the water!

Pockets should also be completely closed with a strap of fabric above.
These are quite small nuances but they can become significant
if you fall under a rain.

Unfortunately, we do not know backpacks with which we can swim under water but no doubts that with the development of technology, this will soon come into our lives.